lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Obesity and cancer

Few people know that the obese are far more cancer than the rest of the population. Culturally, we have associated to obesity, especially among children, happiness and health. By contrast, the cancer epidemic we have associated with various scenarios lodges blaming pharmaceutical compositions modified plastic or evil technologies beyond our comprehension.

But the reason is not unreasonable that we have a hinge evolution. Thus, we must remember that human beings almost never had unlimited access to food. Evolutionarily we've adapted to store fat in most of what we ate to survive in times of famine. Today, that small part of the world's population do not have to fight for feed have the same genetic profile that women and men of 15,000 years ago, and we keep our tendency to store all the fat you can.

If we add a sedentary lifestyle and consumption of snuff legalized, the combination causes millions of deaths before its corresponding biological limit: increased risk of heart disease and cerebral circulation, diabetes and cancer. That is, we have not yet evolved genetically to adapt to the new situation of access to food.

Therefore, we only have the ability to adapt socially to the stage in which we live. Since the sport, we have data from long-distance runners, cyclists or marathon, whose survival has surprised most observers but which parallel the observations in the laboratory can easily explain this fact. This suggests that it is possible to adapt as we await the next evolutionary event, reducing the risk of disease and increasing longevity.

I do not know if there are industrial plots associated with the epidemic of cancer and strokes, but lack of political ambition in the implementation of regulation on our ability to harm us with food, and sedentary lifestyles snuff may cost us many thousands of deaths .

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  1. I had no idea obesity was linked to cancer.

  2. Isn't it our imperative as human beings to keep eating and not exercising so we can advance the human race to evolve to not store so much fat and get cancer? If we start exercising and watching what we eat we'll never evolve as a species.